hello poeple. who here likes the enviroment I do but the enviroment is dying but me and my team choses to fundraiser for Edf stands for enviroment  defense fund please read my page in this link  it explains on how many creatures are dying and we should do something you could donate and tell people about this cause help save envirorment so pls make the enviroment great again. and also tell your friends tell your parents tell your parents to tell their friends and those friends tell other friends and stuff thank you. also if you go to the link youll see other world problems today.

the reason why im sharing this to you is because when I found out it made me sad and worried so I wanted to share with you guys.  (and girls) also all animals are dying since our addiction of tossing trash littering and poluuting the air and water.  so what I said help the earth that WE live on our earth is getting infected by the second so please help by sharing this thank you.

about my family

hi its me jacob i want to tell you about my family and I was waiting and wondering if I was going to do this but yeah. so first of I would start with my younger and the youngest of the whole family lucas he is 3 years old and yeah he is a baby but he is the best brother and the only one that  I have. he is very funny like this one time when we were wachting rio2 he decided to grab baby diapers and put 1 in his head one on both arms 1 in both legs and he was like “jacob look at me” he was flaping his arms so it looks like the diapers look like bird feathers . anyways he cheers me up somethimes when im in a bad mood so yeah my brother is really cool. next up is my dad he is a bit grumpy I understand though because he a plastering worker he builds houses and stuff but when he gets home he is very tired but when I was like 9 (im 11 now going to turn 12 in may 3 )  we usted to play xbox 360 one screen two contollers in the next year we plaed with two Xbox 360’s I would be in my room and my dad would be in the living room it was so much fun the way we talked trough  the mic buthe just stopped playing I dont know why maybe because hes aging or just got bored but I still play viddeo games but he stopped I talked to him about games that are coming out and hes cool with it. and my mom she is basicll the happy one in my house because when I get bad grades he helps me (she still does but dont judge me pls) and she helps even though shes hard on me too welll because of HER work because she works in the afternoon and comes back in the morining really tired and tired enough

About the author

I am a 6th grade student of jane addams middle school my team is team yale my teachers and my classmates go in rooms 24, 25, and 26 my homeroom teacher is miss nichols she teaches me language arts and math i like pizza and chiken wings and my favorite color is gold because it has a nice color to it not because gold costs allot I just like the collor and i like playing Xbox1 also pc games my favorite games are undertale and call of duty but I mostly hang out with my friends on overwacht hopefully you get to know me well